Service Times


Sunday School
Morning Service
           10:30 AM 

Evening Service


Evening Service
             7:00 PM

Northwest Baptist Church
11021 FM 1560 North
Helotes, TX 78023


Vision Statement

Mission and Vision Statement

Our Vision: … the Gospel throughout San Antonio and the world …

Our Mission:
To build a network of small to medium churches around San Antonio to:

Spread the Gospel throughout San Antonio and see people accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Create a network of churches and pastors that work cooperatively to achieve the church vision.

Create a network of churches and pastors that provide a broad base for creating other local churches and missionary support efforts.

Be a ministry of Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism.

Our Goals:

For each member to be active in at least one ministry of the church.

For each member to be involved in the lives of their family members.

For each member to be involved with their neighbors.

For each member to be involved in their local community.

Our Purpose:

The Northwest Baptist Church, believing in the Bible as the inspired Word of God and the sole authority for faith and practice, declares its purpose:

To maintain regular services for public worship;

To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to urge its personal
     acceptance, both privately and publicly;

To cooperate by prayer, giving, and service in the effort of
     seeing the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached locally and
     throughout the world;

To pray for one another that we may live our lives according to
     the will of God, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures;

To promote Christian fellowship and friendship.

The Northwest Baptist Church will teach and preach the traditional Baptist truths i.e.:

Bible, the final authority in matters of faith and practice;
Autonomy of the local church;
Priesthood of the believer;
Two offices, That of pastor and deacon
Individual soul liberty (God has given to mankind a free will)
Saved (regenerate) and baptized church membership; and
Two ordinances (Baptism and the Lord’s Supper).

The Northwest Baptist Church is to be a ministry of integrity, based and focused on the Lord Jesus Christ where each and every member is important and each member’s gifts, talents, and abilities will be used to the fullest to bring honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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